All 5 Global Temperature Measurement Systems Reject NOAA’s July 2021 “hottest month ever” Alarmist Hype

All 5 Global Temperature Measurement Systems Reject NOAA’s July 2021 “hottest month ever” Alarmist Hype

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

In a clear discrediting of NOAA’s and the media’s recent overhyped and flawed global temperature claim that “July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded” (with this hype promoted by NOAA climate alarmist “scientists”) updated data from all major global temperature anomaly measurement systems (including NOAA as discussed below) proves that NOAA’s claim was exaggerated, deceptive and distorted.

The 4 major global temperature measurement systems including satellite systems UAH and RSS and surface measurement systems GISS and HadCRUT revealed that NOAA was an isolated outlier in making their exaggerated claim that was so ridiculously overhyped by the climate alarmist media as clearly demonstrated by the headline and picture shown in the above article by the AP’s decades long biased climate alarmist activist Seth Borenstein.

The combined land and sea global surface temperature monthly anomaly data are available for each of the 5 major global temperature measurement systems at HadCRUT5, UAH6.LT, GISSlo, RSS TLT V4 and NOAAlo as discussed (with links) in the information provided below. 

The UAH, RSS, GISS and HadCRUT global temperature monthly anomaly measurement systems showed that the highest July occurred in years 1998, 2020, 2019 and 2019 respectively and not year 2021 as claimed by NOAA.

Furthermore, NOAA’s “July hottest month ever” claim was both exaggerated and deceptive because it was based on a trivial and miniscule 0.01 degrees C above the prior July NOAA peak monthly anomaly measurements which occurred in years 2020, 2019 and 2016.

The NOAA July 2021 global monthly temperature anomaly measurement 95% confidence level (accuracy range) is +/- 0.19 C which is nearly 20 times greater than the miniscule 0.01 degrees C temperature anomaly difference between July 2021 and July 2020, 2019, and 2016 meaning that the difference between these July temperature anomaly measurements is scientifically insignificant and unnoteworthy.

Further adding to NOAA’s and the media’s deception that the July 2021 global temperature anomaly “hottest month ever” hype is the fact that this week (9/14/21) NOAA reduced its July 2021 temperature anomaly value by 0.01 degrees C as a part of its August 2021 global temperature anomaly system update meaning that July 2021 is not the “hottest month ever” but tied with July year 2019 with years 2020 and 2016 July anomalies just 0.01 degrees C lower.

Where are the climate alarmist media headlines announcing NOAA’s embarrassing reduction in its prior reported July 2021 temperature anomaly “hottest month ever” hype and acknowledging this change in the public press?  Don’t hold your breath waiting for the NOAA and media alarmist correction announcement.           

The highest peak global monthly temperature anomaly for all 5 temperature measurement systems including the UAH, RSS, GISS, HadCRUT and NOAA measurement systems occurred over 5 years ago in year 2016 during the months of February and March.     

More significantly the media’s ignorant and misguided “July hottest month” exaggeration and deception deliberately tried to grossly distort the global monthly temperature measurement anomaly record by concealing the fact that global monthly temperature anomaly declines have been underway since peak year 2016 as clearly reflected in all 5 global temperature anomaly measurement systems data records as shown below in the UAH, RSS, HadCRUT, GISS and NOAA data records respectively.

The graph below shows the HadCRUT4 data. HadCRUT5 data has about 14% higher values. The February 2016 peak anomaly for HadCRUT5 data is 1.22 C

versus about 1.1 C for HadCRUT4.

Of course, there will be no news article blaring headlines or climate science ignorant (yet incredibly arrogant) TV broadcasters in the biased climate alarmist media acknowledging the erroneously flawed hype of the “July 2021 hottest month ever” scam that was nothing but politically motivated climate “science” alarmist propaganda consistent with the usual alarmism and media shenanigans built upon climate hype dishonesty through use of exaggeration, deception and distortion.  

The declining global monthly temperature anomaly data trends for all 5 major temperature measurement systems over the last 5+ years as shown above clearly establish that there is no climate emergency.

Additionally, the U.S. and EU who have been driving the UN IPCC climate alarmism political campaign for over 30 years have now completely lost the ability to control global energy and emissions outcomes through the IPCC’s flawed climate model contrived schemes.

In 1990 the year of the first UN IPCC climate report the world’s developed nations led by the U.S. and EU were accountable for nearly 58% of all global energy use and 55% of all global emissions. But that dominance in global energy use and emissions by the developed nations changed dramatically and completely   disappeared over the next 15-year period.   

The world’s developing nations led by China and India took command of total global energy use in 2007 (controlling more than 50% of all global energy use) after dominating total global emissions in 2003 (controlling more than 50% of global emissions).

In year 2020 the developing nations controlled 61% of all global energy use and 2/3rds of all global emissions with these nations clearly on a path to further increase these commanding percentages in the future. The developing nations have no interest in crippling their economies by kowtowing to the western nation’s flawed model driven climate alarmism political propaganda campaign with the developing nations having announced to the world that they are fully committed to increased use of coal and other fossil fuels.

In year 2020 the developing nations consumed 82% of all global coal use with China alone consuming 54% of the world’s coal. China was the only nation in the world that increased both energy use and emissions in pandemic year 2020.

The U.S. and EU have not contributed to the increasing level of global emissions over the last 15 years. In fact, these nations reduced emissions during this time period by many billions of metric tons. Yet global emissions have continued to dramatically climb ever higher by many more billions of tons driven exclusively by the increased use and unstoppable growth of fossil fuel energy by the world’s developing nations.

Assertions by U.S. and EU politicians that massively costly, horrendously onerous and bureaucratically driven reductions of emissions will “fight climate change” along with bizarre claims of supporting a “net zero” future are ludicrous, disingenuous and represent nothing less than completely fraudulent proposed schemes. 

It’s time for the developed nations to stop their scientifically incompetent, globally irrelevant, real world inept and purely politically driven flawed climate model alarmist propaganda campaign.       

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